Let ‘s start ! We help you take care of your most important asset: PEOPLE! What you will find in this article : What is the real goal of a job interview? How to prepare for a job interview? What should we avoid? Frequently asked questions in a job interview conclusion What is the real goal of a job interview? If you are able to answer the question that gives the title of this section well, it will be much easier to prepare for the job interview, since you will know what you should focus on and pay attention to. Job interviews are one of the fundamental tools available to an HR professional to get to know the candidates who want to apply for a job in depth . The objective of these talks is twofold.

You or in Your Company

From the interviewer’s point of view, what is sought is to identify the skills, competencies and knowledge of the applicants and find out if their profile fits or not Malaysia WhatsApp Number with the needs of the organization and find the perfect candidate. On the part of the candidates, the main objective is to convince their interlocutor (or interlocutors) that they are the person they are looking for . But not only that, it is also the ideal time to make sure that the working conditions meet our professional expectations.

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Even if You Are a

Do not forget that as a candidate, you are also an active part of the interview and you must ask all the questions that serve to tie up loose ends and not leave anything in the air, since otherwise, if selected, there is a risk of encountering surprises that give rise to Aero Leads frustrations. Depending on the needs of each organization, they can carry out this selection technique in two formats: individual or in group dynamics . Be that as it may, all job interviews consist of three phases of preparation: Before the interview. During the Interview. After the interview. We are going to.

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