After a few years, you’ll start noticing that a colleague learns faster than you; after a few years, a colleague who outperforms you gets promoted and goes to a better-known Kazakhstan Phone Number company; a friend gets married and has a child. Because they have things you don’t have, you start to worry about whether you should have them, whether you’re walking too slowly.

What I want to remind is that life is not a sprint race to compete

with others; nor is it an endurance race to force yourself, but a long journey that requires enduring loneliness and occasional hardships in order to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way.

On this trip, you have to rely on yourself, but you will also meet many good friends, who may be your professional nobles, your best friends, and of course, the other half of your family. This journey determines when to go to the next stop. All Schedules are determined by yourself, your stakeholders, and the choices you can make at the moment. Don’t be swayed by social values.

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Some people are very clear about their career goals

at the age of 25. And some people only decide when they are 30, but that is the result of various life experiences. The days will be pleasant.

For example, you will choose a company with a relatively stable and good salary level. The starting point should be your judgment. In the next few years, you can save money as an important economic pillar in the next stage. Or, you choose to enter a new technology start-up company. Although it is more difficult, but you can master the industry faster than others. And you can find better opportunities in the future.

You will have difficulty making decisions, usually because you have not seen the whole situation. Tuch as understanding your strengths. The company’s organizational politics, the industry side, your own life stage ideas. Please try to piece together the information, get the big picture, and keep your options open.

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