So it can be adapt to everyone. With the use of this technique. We can explore how candidates order ideas, Organize information and discard what Wartegg test We help you take care of your most important asset. PEOPLE! Quiz “Person in the rain. Within the section of expressive and graphic projective tests, we find this test very widespread in organizational psychology. Similar to the well-known HTP ( House-Tree-Person ; seems irrelevant to them. Providing the recruiter with a powerful source of information on how the candidate interprets his environment and the world around him. Murray’s T.A.T. Luscher test Also known as Color Test , in the selection processes its abbreviat format is us in which candidates must order 8 color sheets according to their preferences.

And Indirectly Management

These colors are: blue, r, green, yellow, lilac, brown, gray and black. As in all projective tests, there are no right or wrong answers and, in this case, the Jordan WhatsApp Number evaluator will determine the mood, nes and intentions of the candidate bas on the position that has been establish for each color at that moment. If you are curious, you can take the test online through this link . Color test or Lüscher test Wartegg’s test To carry out this test, candidates are given a blank template containing 8 spaces or compartments, each of which represents a personality.

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Volume for Some Positions

These spaces are not completely empty, but rather contain small lines, fragments and shapes inside. The goal is for the person who completes the test to finish the drawings in the way and in the order they want from what they already have, and then give the drawings Aero Leads titles and numbers according to the order in which they were done. How he is organiz and what is his level of creativity . Wartegg test template Complet.

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