Ok now that we are clear about what a work cycle is like and what are the stages and contact points that employees go through, we are going to see how we can, now yes, design the Employee Journey Maphe search and selection processes are… delicate . The responsibility of a recruiter is very high: finding the person with the best profile for a certain position so that the company that hires them can continue advancing in their project. For this reason, as good and good professionals, we put all the care, care and dedication to always find that unicorn candidate that the team needs. But sometimes things don’t go as planned.

Do Not Reach the Desired

And, despite all the detail provided, in the end it turns out that we have not made the best decision. Wow, we were wrong to hire that personDon’t worry, it’s something that can happen. We are human and in our genes is the art of making mistakes. Bu t as Rafiki said in the wonderful “The Lion King”: you can run away from your mistakes, or learn. The List of Mobile Phone Numbers in Gansu key is to detect early the signs that we have made a bad hiring decision, identify what has gone wrong, and take measures so that it does not happen again. If you have ever been involved in a similar situation or simply want to be prepared to mitigate the effects of a possible “oops!”, then I invite you to continue reading.

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Objectives In Other Words

Let’s start! What you will find in this article : Consequences of inadequate recruitment Signs you’ve hired the wrong person What to do when you realize you’ve hired the wrong personsequences of inadequate recruitment Yes. It’s no surprise to say that hiring the wrong person has negative consequences. Instead, not so many people are aware that a bad decision not only impacts the company, but also the poor person who joined the team. Come on… if I should be Aero Leads delighted to have a job. Sure? Let’s get in situation. You have gone through a selection process in which, reading the announcement, doing the interviews and during the onboarding, you have generated expectations. You firmly believed that your profile fit the role and that you would be a super ninja of efficiency.

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