In fact, “in-service roll” is the competition in the workplace。Now people are getting more and more educated and their skills. Are more and more comprehensive, but the number of jobs in society is not increasing in equal volume. So many working resources, and the population base to divide resources is increasing. In order to get better and more resources, the workplace began to experience internal competition。The “in-service roll” is getting worse and worse, even further and further in the direction of vicious competition。From “965” to “996” and “007”, this is the product of a typical “in-service volume”。

The face of the vicious “in-the-job volume”, we should calm down and think about how to avoid the in-job volume if we encounter the in-job volume?

Clarify the content of responsibilities and avoid invalid competition

Many employees are caught in the “996” workplace vortex. They are nothing more than worried about getting off work at that point. And they will be labeled as not working hard or entering。In fact, many times, such concerns are caused. By the lack of clarity about their job responsibilities and content。

first,Staff developmentIt is one of the Jewelry Retouch Service key points that every employee pays attention to. The key to moving forward steadily is to conduct accurate self-assessment without following the trend。When facing the roll in the workplace. We need to be more clear about our positioning and value. In the team。When you know your job. Responsibilities and can do your job with quality and quantity every day, you will not worry about others saying.

Second, explore and cultivate your own irreplaceability

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There are many outstanding talents in the workplace, and it is always not so easy to maintain your advantage in the same track。I keep catching up with myself and investing a lot of costs (time, money), but the benefits are getting lower and lower. At this time, the wise way is to change direction。The cost of input on track Aero Leads related to your own field of work and a small number of channels, such as: connections, technology, language, self-media weights, etc., build core abilities and advantages that belong only to yourself or a few people, and explore and cultivate your own irreplaceability. Let the leader see your value, which will become a knocker for your promotion。

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