Methodology . It is used to maximize the efficiency of teams and achieve extraordinary results that lead to the growth of companies. What happens is that to carry out this management, objectives are used. Concretely: key objectives . Hence its name: OKR=Objective Key Results . So are they for performance or goal setting? Well, for both. Which, by the way, makes a lot of sense. And it can be very difficult to manage the work that a team must do without setting development objectives. How is an OKR created? If we follow this methodology, the first thing we have to be clear about is what we want to achieve, where we want to go. The WHAT . The main goal. A purely aspirational objective that incites us to action. Therefore, it must be concrete and realistic.

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But knowing what we want is not enough. We need to know the HOW : how we are going to achieve it and, most importantly, how to know that we have achieved it. This is where the KR, the Key Results , come into play . The Key Results are Guangdong Mobile Phone Number List essential because they will be the ones that will mark where the team’s efforts have to focus and, in addition, they will be the ones that indicate whether our main objective is going to be met or not. Unlike the main objective, which would be qualitative, the key results are quantitative. In other words, the ideal is to establish them in a SMART format : specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and temporary. How many KR per goal should be set? There is no rule that determines the number of key results an objective must have.

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The ideal is to accumulate 3 or 4 for each of them. Less than this could lead to unambitious results; while too many could mean an excessive workload that Aero Leads interferes with the performance of the team. And since there is nothing better to understand things than an example, here is a representation of what an OKR would be for the Human Resources department: Objective : Reduce the rate of lost applications. Key Result: Reduce average time to hire by 20% Key Result: Increase positive results from satisfaction surveys by.

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