If you do not have the right person within your team, you can always count on the help of an external advisor. We help you take care of your most important asset: PEOPLE!. How often must the salary registration be made? The registration data is valid for one year , so the registration must be renew annually. All relevant compensation receiv within a calendar year must be includ , regardless of when the payment was made. Even so, if during the period of validity the company undergoes a substantial change that affects the entire workforce, or the remuneration policy, it is convenient to update the record before the end of the year. Where to register the Salary Registry.

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The salary record does not have to be register anywhere. It is an internal company document, and it is the company that must keep it and show it every time an employee or his representative requests it. It is true that it can be includ as an annex when Croatia WhatsApp Number registering the Equality Plan in REGCON , but it is not mandatory What if I do not comply with the regulations? Like any law, if you do not comply with it, you run the risk of being penaliz. The amount of the sanction will depend on the seriousness of the infraction, the size of the company and if, indeed, there are acts of inequality . To give you an idea, these are the amounts according to the new sanctions against companies for labor breaches.

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Minor infractions would cost between 70 and 750 euros. Serious infringements would entail fines of between 751 and 7,500 euros. Very serious infractions would range in fines between 7,501 and 225,018 euros.  If you don’t know how to carry out the salary registration and you ne a hand, at Global Aero Leads Human Consultants we can help you. Did you find this article useful? Share it on social networks. ShareHaving prepar the Equality Plan for your company is not enough. After the establishment of Royal Decree this 2022 all companies with more than 50 employees must also have it duly register.

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