Also called responsive design, adaptive design, or responsive design. Responsive design revolves around changing the appearance of. A website to adapt it to the device the page is being viewed on. In this way, the user experience is greatly improved and it is one of the best SEO optimization resources published by Google. After all, since 2015, the algorithm has changed to reward websites that do this. But responsive design is more than just displaying each device. It offers us the ability to change the design (do not do it) and adapt it to the reality of each device. To improve our SEO, and our website does not leave others who include it. In the end, it all helps a lot, and today we’re going to talk about responsive design.

Responsive design

This is the actual adaptation of the site to each type of device that we want to connect. In the past, the internet could only be accessed from a desktop or laptop computer. Nowadays, you can find links to mobile phones (which are the most common), tablets, electronic books, etc. The first result that we notice if we don’t have a responsive web design, is the failure of the type, the buy email list by country bad structure, or the fact that the device does not support certain images. This is a result of the screen, the processor that they carry, the operating system, the resolution or the memory are different for each device. Thanks to this type of design, from a single HTML and CSS it is possible to solve and solve all the previous problems, which is a very popular example among defined thick volumes.

How to Change a Website to a Responsive Design

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Create a Mobile Version. It is Very Useful and Then We Will Talk About It. This is the Most “Hassle” Method, but You Will Get the Same Benefits (With Less Work). By Using Lower Desktop Weights and Aero Leads Better Image Options, You Can Improve the Speed of Your Website. If You Use WordPress for Example, You Can Use a Plugin, Which is the Easiest and Fastest. For Example, He Wptouch Pro. Use Pre-designed Templates. In the Case of WordPress and Other Content Management Systems (Cms) Like Joomla, They Usually Have All Their Templates With a Responsive Design Today.

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