Requests to Recoup Wasted Advertising Costs or Credit. Image5 6 Get and Display More Information Each Time the User Clicks, Such As: Image1 3 Capture Video Recordings of. Bots and Humans Manipulating Ads. Allowing You to Set Fraud Prevention Rules Based on On-Screen Behavior 4) Perform Reliable Third-Party Verification Then Look for the Services of an Ad Verification Company or an Ad Management Company. These Service Providers Capture. All Your Advertising Spend Data and Provide an Easy-To-Use Dashboard to Evaluate Your Information. Key Names for This Market Space Include Moat , Integral Ad Science , and Doubleverify .


Next, There Is an Aggregator

That Combines All the Data into Lebanon Phone Number an Intuitive Dashboard. One Such Major Platform Is Datorama , Which Can Be Useful in the Following Ways : It Provides Users with a Bird’s-Eye View of Advertising Fraud Metrics. as Shown in the Image Below, You’ll See a Complete Marketing Performance Overview Where You Can See Top Channels, Top Campaigns, and Top Creatives. Pasted Image 01 Adjust the Ad Server Number and the Publisher’s Ad Server Number for Error-Free Reporting. Integrated with Leading Ad Verification Systems, It Provides an Intuitive Dashboard for Detecting Potential Ad Fraud. Free Bonus Downloads: Get a Free Marketing Guide and Learn the Tactics That Actually Generated Millions of Dollars for Your Clients! Click Here to Download for Free Now! We’ve Helped Fortune 500 Companies, Venture-Backed Start-Ups, and

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Companies Like You Grow Faster .

Get Free Consultation 5) Identify the Advertising Costs That Are Being Burned on Fake Websites If You’re Not Careful, You Can Spend Hundreds of Dollars Every Day on Ads Posted on Fake Websites. Here’s How to Identify Cases of Such Advertising Fraud: Go to Your Google Display Network Campaign with Your Adwords Account . Screenshot 201805 25 at 12.25.27 Pm on the View Network Menu, Find and Click the Placements Tab. Screenshot 201805 25 at 12.33.53 Pm Look for Anomalies Such as Unusually High Cost-Per-Click, Unusually High Conversion Rates, High Non-Click Ad Placement. High Clicks and Low Impressions, and Other Suspicious Metrics. See the Dashboard Image Below to Get a Clearer Idea. Pasted Image 04 Then Check the Website and Evaluate If It Is Fake. Here Are the Obvious Signs: Thin Content Too Many Ads Per Page Very Recently Registered Domain Very Few Web Pages, or Pages with Very Similar

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