As we can see, The identification part is essential for storytelling to work. In this sense, leaders must know their collaborators in depth and know what their concerns, fears or nes are in order to establish that emotional connection that makes this technique so effective. As Jennifer Goddeau explains : “ Stories break down the impiments to change; form new learning mindsets ; and inspire employees to adopt new behaviors that drive desir results .” We help you take care of your most important asset: PEOPLE!dvantages of using storytelling in companies We are all clear about the use of storytelling at a commercial level, whose objective is to encourage us to buy a product or service.

To promote creativity

At the organizational level, this tool is very powerful for leadership since it improves communication skills and generates charisma in the person who uses it. Specifically, storytelling is beneficial for: Corporate identity. Through the stories it is easier to Gambling Email List transmit the values ​​and culture of the company and align the objectives of the company with those of the  employees. Feeling of belonging . Shar narratives and identification as a team strengthen group relationships. Foster empathy . Making ourselves protagonists of a story allows us to feel the same as the person who is telling it and live their experience as if it were ours. Generate interest . A good story awakens the curiosity.

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Innovation in the company

And interest of the interlocutors. Who will not want to lose the thread of what you are explaining to them. emotional intelligence. Storytelling hits the depths of our emotions. Which activates the ability to recognize our own feelings and those of others, helping Aero Leads us to have better interpersonal relationships. Effective communication . The use of this tool facilitates communication processes and makes them sustainable and long-lasting over time. Drive engagement . Knowing that you are part of a story invites action so that it follows its course in a positive way. Strengthen trust and connection.

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