In Spain alone, more than 1 million people do not go to work … every day!Absenteeism is one of the most common problems that affect companies, and one of the ones that generate the most losses: almost 7,000 million euros a year. Almost nothing! Despite such high figures, the truth is that absenteeism is an evil that can be avoid or, at least, greatly reduc. How? Well, in other blogs you will read that an effective way to avoid absenteeism is by monitoring employees, creating a registration system or limiting Internet access. Spoiler : Treating employees like little children will not only prevent this, but will increase absences. Mainly because they will hate going to work.

Having Said That

So, what can we from the HR department to alleviate the continu absences ? Keep reading and you will find out. Let ‘s start ! We help you take care of your most important asset: PEOPLE! What you will find in this article : What is and what is not work Afghanistan WhatsApp Number absenteeism. Types of work absenteeism. Factors that facilitate the appearance of work absenteeism Tools to combat absenteeism Tips to ruce work absenteeism. What is and what is not work absenteeism Work absenteeism , or absenteeism in Latin America, refers to all those situations in which an employee is not present at his job , failing to comply with the conditions for which he was hir.

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Low Competitiveness

So, is an excused absence also absenteeism? Yes. Excused absences are a type of absenteeism that we will see later. It is clear that we are people and we can all miss work from time to time, either because we have gotten sick, or because we have some Aero Leads unavoidable appointment, or because after a night of wild concert we cannot move from the bed. But the systematic absences represent a serious problem for businesses and that is, if there are no workers, production is paralyzed. And, if we talk about the smallest companies where there is no one who can take on the tasks of the person who is not there, this problem is even worse.

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