As a result of the incidents. Domino’s began to implement social media strategies and to be much more present through monitoring to address all kinds of issues and follow up on conversations. The techniques framed in online marketing have no borders and proof of this is retargeting . Morocco phone number But what is it and how does it work? It is an online technique that is in fashion precisely because it has become essential for those who know that bringing a user back is possible. Possible thanks to a digital marketing technique. Basically consisting of making the clueless.

Visitors who for Morocco phone number one reason or another have left return to a site. An online reconversion of public attention. Something that can be as simple as it is necessary if you know how. When and in what way. What is retargeting? If the internet is characterized by something. It is by the infinite number of distractions for the navigator. It is more than usual for a user to go from one site to another simply through a pop up. A facebook message or a photo from another social network. These distractions make it more than easy to leave a website. When that exit can result in a loss of a conversion of any kind.

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Retargeting is a type of digital marketing campaign that encompasses a series of techniques designed to bring the user back to the website. In a simple way we can say that remarketing is a technique consisting of pursuing a user who has shown interest in our business to make him come back. Morocco phone number Normally these are ads displayed by google adwords to be present in most of the social networks through which that user browses. Installing a pixel on our website is the broad way to start that “chase”. How does retargeting work? In this retargeting. Pixels and cookies are fundamental .

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In this sense. It should be known that a pixel is a piece of code that is placed on websites in order to activate cookies. Which store user information and identify them. Thus. While the pixel carries information to a server. The cookie stores the data in the browser of a specific user so that the server is capable of retrieving that information in the next session. Morocco phone number Therefore. Knowing how to distinguish a pixel from a cookie is obvious that both are essential in retargeting. Indispensable because the user’s information and their identification will be essential for the pursuit of the user that makes them return to a website. One of the ways to do retargeting is facebook ads.

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Excellent results and low cost for this way of redirecting users to a website with the sole installation of pixel. In addition. In this case. The possibility of defining our audience thanks to the social network itself makes the redirection more effective. Types of retargeting although at first many claimed that retargeting was a passing fad. Today the bet is clear. Morocco phone number show advertising to a user when you already know in advance that it is of interest to them in the present and the future. There is no self-respecting company today that has not put its eyes and its budgets on these techniques. Precisely because of their effectiveness. Amazon is a clear example.

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