Marketing is one of the various marketing strategies, where a company or brand sends. A message through paid advertisements , attracting the attention of the audience and persuading them to buy a product or service .” The above is the simple answer that we express to our clients and potential clients when in Aloha! we get asked about this type of advertising strategy. However, outbound marketing goes beyond advertising in various media , be it radio, TV, print media, or on the Internet through online advertising platforms. Outbound marketing allows advertisers to make themselves known to the world and for a person to become a buyer.

Outbound Marketing: Make People Aware of Your Product or Service

This type of strategy is one of the most common and long-lived in marketing in general. Since its inception, outbound has how many digits in ghana phone number been committed to obtaining potential customers through techniques that allow people to attract their attention and acquire a product or service. According to traditional marketing, it is the “cold door sale” , that is, a sales strategy in which a product or service is offered without the user requesting it.

Types of Outbound Marketing

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Outbound marketing can be divided into two branches: traditional and digital. In traditional outbound marketing, an advertiser pays for advertising space in a medium such as radio, television, or print. Some of the better known types are: Radio Aero Leads spots. TV commercials. Spaces in newspapers or magazines, such as flat or half flat. Brochures. Spectacular. For its part, digital outbound marketing has the same premise as traditional marketing, but instead of being known in traditional media, it seeks to position itself within websites, search engines or social networks, with a prior payment. Among them are: Paid social media posts.

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