This will be important for the interview with the person in charge or team leader, as it is an excellent opportunity to explore opportunities for growth, salary increases , bonuses, ettra tip: There are people who are very modest, and others who see themselves with… too much optimism. When you do the self-assessment of the skills, you should think to what degree you ( really ) meet what you think your job requires. Otherwise, it will be difficult for the company to help you continue developing as a professional. Remember: performance evaluation tools are not there to sanction, but to help you improve. What is the development plan for? The development plan is the reason why we do the performance evaluation.

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It is also the most difficult part. Once with the results of the performance evaluation of each team member, an individual action plan must be designed Tongliao Phone Number List in which to establish concrete actions to develop competencies or enhance them. The goal: achieve superior performance . These actions must have a compliance date. Do you know when you run into a friend you haven’t seen for years, and at the end of the conversation you say: “well, let’s see if we call each other and meet up soon”? And you never call each other? That can NOT happen with the development plan. As in the establishment of objectives, the action plan must have a follow-up system If not.

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The Current Labor

Why do we do performance management? On the other hand, many times it falls into the identification of training actions as the only element of that development plan. That is a mistake . Although it is possible to support the development of skills in training, it Aero Leads is much more useful and powerful to do so on actions or tasks to be carried out in the day-to-day activities of the workplace . We learn to present in public by presenting in public, not by taking a course on public presentationsven. How many performance interviews are held during the year? At Global Human Consultants we have continuous feedback conversations.

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