Also to offline mia such as tv / out of home / magazine, where many marketers began to argue that measuring data using last click data is a measurement that “it is not fair” to other mia because the fact that people buy online does not always mean that it is caus by online mia alone. What’s the solution? As the problem becomes more and more complex, platform owners like facebook and google are trying to advise marketers to start using insights to analyze customer journey and mia performance in a way that doesn’t rely on last click like before.

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The use of attribution is becoming more serious in an attempt to “follow” how consumers decide to purchase a product bas on the influence of the mia. How much of course, in the concept of super-complexity of measurement, this is a very headache-inducing thing. But fortunately, we have new technologies such as big data / machine learning to Hong Kong Phone Number help solve these problems. Both facebook and google are still developing tools to help here. Does last click distrust affect everyone? When it comes to quitting last click, many people will ask that my business is an online store. Do I have to worry about anything? If it’s simple, before that, if our business is not complicat to communicate.

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Just as the scale is not large, such as smes selling online, the use of last click is still reliable. Because the purchasing route is still quite linear the most productive businesses are large businesses with broad and multi-layer marketing communications. As Aero Leads well as using a variety of touchpoints to provide customer service. This makes the way customers buy products are quite complex and there are many variations. And that makes the last click measurement not an accurate measurement. Share the knowlge! Adanalyticsbannerdigital marketingfacebookgooglelast click see more details follow the news via line at nuttaputch add friend previous article what is design thinking.

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