In lectures, content marketing or facebook marketing, we often hear each other often. That we ne to include call to action in the content as well in order not to lose the opportunity to generate conversions, and therefore it has become a belief that in the content there must be words like “click now” “like” let’s do it” “Press share too” and it is believ that if there is, the content will be lik and shar. It is said that according to the statistics that have been collect and analyz, putting this call to action has a real part because the survey results are as they say.

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Content with the word share seems more likely to be shar than none, but what we must not forget that the copy present is like a skin that coats the content and helps people. Visitors tend to do more if they are interest in the content. But if your content Bolivia Phone Number doesn’t make sense from the beginning, then put the word like and share, it’s almost useless. Take a simple example like this between the content below. “Share and spread the word urgently. Today, central department store has a 50% discount on the entire department store for one day.” “please share.

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The new ad for central department store has arriv.” in the first content if you are a fair person it would have a high chance of sharing because it’s content that is useful and has “Value” for them to want to share with others. But with the second content, it may be a different story because the general public probably doesn’t care about central’s advertising. (unless the ad is as cool and astonishing as the critically acclaim truemove ad), it’s probably Aero Leads only true fans. (which I don’t know how much) to share I say this because many people think that changing copy will be enough to change the game. Which is not that easy 4. Press like, not that you have to press share (different between likeable and shareable) “why do people like but people don’t share” is a question I hear a lot.

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