Because training is an add value to the working conditions that employees hold in high regard. Likewise, continuous training fosters a positive brand perception , which equally affects Employer Branding . They contribute to socioeconomic growth by generating better opportunities for professional development. They are a means of facilitating changes , through which employees will be more receptive to changes in their usual functions or procures.

This First Part of the Meeting

How to rirect soft skills and hard skills? Before training employees, the Human Resources department must know which areas ne to be updat, in order to identify and define all the soft and hard skills that ne to be train or recycl. Soft skills Israel WhatsApp Number are a set of personality traits that determine the way in which a person relates to the environment around them and have to do with emotional intelligence, communication skills or time management. On the other hand, hard skills (hard skills) are those abilities that have a technical nature and that are us to perform a certain task , such as knowing how to use a programming language or a specific machine. As technology advances, the usefulness of these abilities changes and transforms. According to the Towards a Reskilling.

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Build the Trajectory

Revolution report , develop by the World Economic Forum in 2019 , companies are going to train their employees by rirecting their skills towards five digital areas. Specific: Big Data (85%) Internet of Things (80%) App and Web markets (e-commerce) (76%) Machine Learning (75%) Cloud Computing (71%) Knowing how to do market analysis, manage Aero Leads databases, develop new software that is at the forefront of innovation or manage applications in the cloud will become – if they are not already – essential and almost transversal hard skills for any professional profile. As for soft skills , the ones most in demand by companies around the world are.

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