The transactions. Uncertainty. Risk tolerance. linked decisions. Before any type of decision, the first 5 elements are enough to make you reach a valid conclusion. However, if you are faced with a particularly difficult decision, the last three are the ones that will help you gain extra clarity in your ideas . ow to apply the PROACT method step by step Applying this method is very simple. You only have to evaluate each factor following the order proposed by the authors. But what does each factor imply? define the problem The first step is to know what the problem is. It may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people have a hard time making a decision because they don’t know what they really want.

Improving Communication Skills

Here it is important to keep an open mind, recognize the complexity of the situation, avoid assumptions and eliminate prejudices that could be limiting your Macedonia Phone Number options. Suppose you want to hire someone to expand the team. Maybe you are thinking about deciding who you want to hire, when in reality, the problem is knowing what profile you need to look for. For greater effectiveness in making difficult decisions, the more precise the problem definition, the better results. Identify your goals Goals drive decision making.

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Creating a Work Environment

Depending on what your expectations and aspirations are , you will have to do one thing or another to reach your goal. Ask yourself what you want to achieve or where you want to go. Continuing with the previous example, the questions you should ask Aero Leads yourself are: why do I want to hire a new professional? Do I want to increase production? Gain visibility and reach? Improve the efficiency of services? look for alternatives Without alternatives there would be no decision to make, that is clear. So think of all the possible solutions that could be helpful in fixing the problem. Here, your imagination and creativity take center stage. You only have to take into account one detail: your final decision cannot be better than your best alternative. Let’s continue with our example.

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