Gap and Glass Ceiling ” indicate that this gap has widened and has reached an adjusted average of 14%, which means that women earn an average of €2,800 less than his fellow men . More figures: according to data from the European Statistical Office (Euroestat), the Gender Pay Gap in Spain is 11.9%, which places our country below the European average. However, the Statistics Office also highlights that the difference in wages of Spanish workers widens with age, reaching 34.3% in those over 65, the highest figure in the entire European Union. For its part, the European Parliament supports this information, indicating in its latest 2020 study that working women in the.

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EU earn 14% less per hour than men. Thus, and with the data in hand, we can effectively say that there is a gender wage disruption. Parliament itself reminds us that interpreting these figures can lead to bias conclusions . For example, a small salary Lebanon WhatsApp Number gap in a specific country cannot be extrapolat to a global level. Similarly, within the EU, the lower pay gaps are influenc by lower participation of women in the labor market; and the most pronounc to a higher percentage of female employees hir part-time or to their concentration in a reduc number of low-skilled professions traditionally occupi by women. However, there are still structural factors th. Causative factors.

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Thanks to the information provid in the aforemention studies, a series of conclusions can be drawn that explain the inequalities in pay between women and men . Work-life balance Women are more likely to change their career path because of family responsibilities, which causes them to do more hours of unpaid work (childcare, dependent family Aero Leads members, housework, etc.). This causes incompatibility of schedules for a full working day, which is why women make up the majority of the working population in part-time jobs . Specifically, this percentage stands at 30%, while that of men with this same type of contract is 8.7%. However, if we take total hours (paid and unpaid) into account.

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