Ensure its consistency. In short, if you have changed your goals in the middle of the year, nothing happens. You can make all the modifications you need, as long as this helps the development of the company and makes sense. In fact, systems such as OKR are defined precisely by the change of objectives as results are achieved.How do I value the objectives in the performance evaluation? If the objectives are carried out with the SMART technique , it is easy to determine the degree of their fulfillment. Depending on the type of objective, there may be scales or graduations, but the objectives as a rule can be exceeded, achieved or not achieved.

 A Task That Requires

Do I have to choose my competencies to analyze in the performance evaluation tool? The answer to this question is a resounding : No. Or, at least, not entirely. The competencies must be analyzed in performance management according to these Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List criteria: Corporate . They respond to the need for what every person who works in the company should have. Managers . These criteria apply only when there is team management involved. Area specific. In other words, the skills necessary for your department to function at full speed. Once the criteria have been established, it is a matter of analyzing the skills that best suit what you want to achieve.

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Work and Daily Effort

For example: it is useless to evaluate software programming skills if the company is dedicated to the retail sale of ecological products. What is the self-assessment of competencies used for and how is it done? Among performance management tools, self-assessment is one of the most feared. But without a doubt, it is essential and serves to guide the Aero Leads future performance interview. We are talking about a reflection process so that each collaborator analyzes how they value their development of skills during the year. Has the performance been good? Are there aspects that could be improved? In what areas is the excellent person considered? Do not forget to have evidence and concrete situations that serve to support why we self-evaluate in a certain way.

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