Equality in the remuneration of men and women must be part of. The corporate culture, support it and promote it. Internal remuneration audit Analyzing. The current remuneration reality of your organization to discover possible. Deviations in the income of the people. Who work with you bas on their position and gender is an essential resource to close the salary gap. Through these audits you will be able to see if your organization really complies with. The regulations and, if not, what are the causes and what methods you can apply to solve it.

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Equality Plans An Equality Plan is a set of measures aim at guaranteeing equality. Between men and women in the workplace . Its objective is to establish the necessary conditions to create a parity system and promote equal treatment without distinction Macedonia WhatsApp Number of gender and sex in the organization. Thanks to the implementation of an Equality Plan in your company, you will not only comply with Law 3/2007 for effective equality between women and men, you will also work against discrimination and harassment, contributing to the creation of a fairer work.

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Environment. and egalitarian .  and home. All Aero Leads those positions that do not require face-to-face work for the correct performance of the position should have the option of being able to perform it remoConclusions Despite what many deniers may say: yes, the wage gap exists and it becomes clear when we review the official statistics.

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