But, horror!, you have realized that one of the documents is wrong or contains errors. Don’t worry, once the plan is registered, you have 10 days from the end of the process to correct everything that is necessary.. What is the validity of a register Equality Plan? Once your company’s Equality Plan is registered, it will be valid for a maximum of 4 years . Afterwards, it will have to be renegotiat and updated. . Equality Plans by Autonomous Communities If your Equality Plan is going to affect only one autonomous community, it is advisable to access REGCON through its regional link . Here is the list: Andalusia Aragon Asturias Balearics Canary Islands Cantabria Castile and Leon.

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Castilla la Mancha Catalonia Ceuta Valencian Community Estremadura Galicia The Rioja Madrid Melilla Murcia Navarre Basque Country Do you ne help with your Equality Plan? If you ne advice with the preparation and registration of your Equality Plan , at Global Human Consultants we can help you. Contact us ! Did you find this article useful? Share Denmark WhatsApp Number it on social networks ! And if you think we have forgotten something, leave us a comment We help you take care of your most important asset: PEOPLE! Compartir Tweets Compartir Blog equality plan , REGCON Interactions with readers leave a reply Your email address will not be publish. Mandatory fields are mark with.

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Comments It’s hard, especially at the beginning, when you don’t have enough background and experience. However, it is a natural stage that is part of the selection process : the time to communicate to the candidates that they will not continue in the following stages that they have been reject. Nobody likes to be reject. The feeling of frustration that is Aero Leads generat can become very intense. In fact, it depends on how we handle this delicate situation, two things can happen: either the discard candidate hates us and starts swearing at the company, which is something we don’t want to happen; Or, that despite everything, the person is satisfi with how the recruitment process has been carri out and the feedback receiv, and that we keep them interest in future positions and even, as a client.

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