Christmas is to propose a day in which employees can bring their little ones or their pets to the office. During these “Family Days” not much work will be done, but team members will be able to enjoy their lov ones in the work environment, share their day-to-day with them, and strengthen ties with colleagues. Which, without a doubt, will help them keep morale high during this very important time. We hope these ideas have inspir you. After all, the key to celebrating Christmas in the office is to create a fun and inclusive environment that allows the whole team to get into the holiday spirit. If you lik this article and found it useful, we encourage you to leave us a comment or share it through RRSS and by e-mail! share Tweet share Blog employer branding engagement.

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Christmas Interactions with readers leave a reply Your email address will not be publish. Mandatory fields are mark with * Commentary Recruitment Process Outsourcing, abbreviat RPO , is a business strategy in which an external company Georgia Phone Number supports  another in the process of attracting talent, assuming the tasks of Search, Selection and Evaluation of candidacies. Basically, it is an outsourcing of the contracting service of a lifetime, only that Outsourcing is coolerThe advantage of the RPO is that the company that contracts it can decide which are the phases of the process that it wants to outsource: only one, for example, publication of advertisements; or several, publication of announcement.

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Screenings and telephone interviews. Because let’s be honest: running a business is fun, but there are times when we’d like to throw the computer out the window. Times when there is so much work and so many contracts that, on the one hand, you think “great!”, but on the other hand, you see what is coming your way and you realize that all that work is going Aero Leads to reduce your agility and flexibility. deal. Something unforgivable in an environment as competitive and demanding as the current one. Therefore, at times like this, it is best to have help. And if it is with the help of professionals, better than better. So, if you are interested in knowing all the benefits of RPO , stay and read carefully. Let’s start! What you will find in this article : Differences between RPO vs. the Traditional Selection.

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