Also called emailing or mailing. Uses the sending of emails to a group of contacts. It is customizable and should not be invasive. We can predict that its evolution will be mobile email marketing since currently half of users open their emails from their smartphone. Email marketing. Norway phone number What is it? Email marketing is a powerful communication tool that the brand has to interact with its customers. The best email marketing strategy is one that offers the user valuable content. Quality and does it in a personalized way to achieve their goals and convert them into customers.

It must be borne Norway phone number in mind that it is not a tool whose effectiveness works in the short term . Since the expected results are obtained with perseverance and a lot of previous work. Among its strong points is that the results can be measured instantly and in real time. Its low cost compared to other digital tools. Its great immediacy and its conversion capacity. There are different reasons to use email marketing. The communication of the brand with the user or maintaining contact to send them the latest news are added to other formulas that. Well used. Ensure that the brand remains at the top of the customer’s mind.

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The three most used types of email marketing if we go through the stages of the relationship with the client. We find three types of shipments: campaign email this type of shipment has the focus of marketing and sales. A campaign consists of several emails sent over a period of time that can be several days or weeks. Some examples of this type of email can be: special offers or launch of a new product. Norway phone number Transactional email they are sent after a transaction such as welcome emails. Reservation confirmation emails or password reset emails. Newsletter this type of emailing. Also called a newsletter. Communicates news about the brand.

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The contents of the organization’s blog. As well as information about new features of products or services. Thanks to previous work. Good creativity and a good mix of these three shipping methods. We can activate the sale of our products. Norway phone number or services or position our organization as an expert. Email marketing what is how to make your email marketing strategy effective the great advantage of email marketing is its scalability . But this does not mean that you should be tempted to send emails in bulk. We must think that a user who chooses to be part of our contact base is a great value for the brand and a good opportunity to inform him.

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Nurture him with content of interest to him and convert him into a loyal user. To develop an effective email marketing strategy. Consider the following steps: 1. Choose an email marketing software there are four reasons to decide to use an email marketing software: for the ability to manage emails. For the possibility of creating campaigns thanks to. Norway phone number the ease of design and programming. For the metrics obtained and for the savings weather. Decide on the email marketing software that is your ally to meet and improve your marketing objectives it is important that the chosen software allows you to analyze the behavior of the recipient and evaluate the results of the campaign in a few minutes.

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