System is very difficult, if not almost impossible. BUT, the evaluation tools provide a methodological framework and a monitoring process that helps to make the result as objective as possible . Despite this, performance management is a resource that improves its results through the people who use it. Of course, it requires practice and rigor in following the methodWhat is and what is done in the performance interview? A performance interview is a conversation between the person in charge and the collaborator that allows assessing the skills, attitudes and results achieved by the latter. The intention is to develop and provide the tools to do the job better every day. In this type of conversation, which must be honest and transparent , the following are analysed: The degree of fulfillment of the objectives.

Environment of Cooperation

The level of development of the necessary skills for the correct execution of the functions of the position. The new goals for the following year. The action plan that will be carri out to continue development within the companHow are the objectives set? Each 1000 Mobile Phone Numbers company is unique, with its own system and its own nes. Therefore, each organization sets the objectives according to its specific internal process. wever, the objectives must always be align with the strategy and objectives of the company and your area. In general, we always recommend that the head of the department, in collaboration with management, create the objectives for their section.

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And a United Team

Then, the area leaders determine the individual objectives together with each collaborator. oh! And always, of course, following the SMART structure I have chang my goals in the middle of the year, what do I have to do? This is another of the questions that customers ask us the most. And well, it’s not that it’s the ideal situation, but… there’s no reason Aero Leads to lose your cool. Why do we say this? Because the performance evaluation and management tool must be a facilitator . This means that it cannot be a rigid element. For this reason, we consider that if the area or individual objective has not been correctly defin or is no longer relevant, it must be possible to modify it together with the person in charge, always with the validation of HR or management to.

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