Which he explained that a good leader is also a good storyteller . Storytelling has the power to get people involved and excited about what is being narrated. But above all, it has the power to make people act . For this reason, this persuasive speech generator tool is very useful for those professionals who work managing people. If you have a team, and you want to inspire them, excite them, involve them with the organization, encourage their commitment and motivate them to achieve goals , this article is for you. Let’s start! We help you take care of your most important asset: PEOPLE! What you will find in this article : Corporate Storytelling, what is.

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How storytelling transforms the way you manage talent Biological foundations of this leadership and persuasion tool Advantages of using storytelling in companies Basic storytelling structure to create great stories Elements of storytelling for leadership conclusionCorporate Storytelling, what is it? Rome. 2009. UEFA Champions League Final. The Barça players are in their locker room just before the game starts. But before the grand final begins, the one that Executive List makes thousands of Catalans dream of another Champions Cup in the Blaugrana record, Pep Guardiola sits down his players and puts a video on them. In that video, images of the journey that the team has taken together to get to where they are are projected, mixed with epic scenes from the great Gladiator  What is Guardiola doin.

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He is telling them a story. He is telling them that they, Messi, Xavi, Pujol, Iniesta… are warriors.  that night will be no different. They are going to go out on the field, and they are going to show what they know how to do. Play. “No matter what happens Aero Leads today, we must remain true to our principles and to who we are. I want people to say at the end of the game: ‘That FC Barcelona can play football,’ said Pep. And boy did they prove it. When a single person is capable of transmitting messages that move the entrails, move, excite, connect with the purpose and get their audience to take action , that is storytelling.

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