Although all the parameters measured turned out to be very satisfactory. After that first plan we have been renewing our commitment to equality by reviewing all the monitoring and compliance indicators of the objectives where we are sure that we can improve each year and achieve fair. Equal labor relations and healthy. I remind you. Qatar phone number A long way has been traveled but every day we can remember what is still pending to be done. We want to give a special thanks to another woman. The illustrator mónica carretero . For giving us the rights to use this great image with which we accompany the news. We have attended the ‘insurance week 2016’ organized by inese at the ifema north convention center in madrid.

Where the main Qatar phone number players in the insurance industry and thousands of interested visitors have gathered under the slogans “promoting your ideas” and ” promoting your business” . In its 23rd edition. In which large-scale companies such as santalucía. Asisa. Race. Mutua madrileña. Aegon. Mapfre and alliance have participated. Among more than 70 companies related to the sector. A large number of presentations and events have taken place to present and discuss numerous aspects of interest to this industry and its protagonists. In which they have given us an updated vision that has helped us understand the challenges posed by the digital transformation in the global insurance environment and its impact on big risks.

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Insurance-week-2016this is the challenge for the insurance sector in the coming years: to adapt to this digital age in order to survive based on a legacy that must be adapted to our times and the demands of the market. But not in any way. The new bosses have become aware that. Qatar phone number every action they take is aimed at improving the customer experience . They must determine goals. Analyze data. And create a strategy for upgrading and nurturing existing infrastructures. Customer analysis is essential to understand their needs. Since the new generations speak two ‘languages’. English and technology. And these new customer profiles must be addressed.

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Knowing their value in order to manage them. In these new typologies. The customer is social. Digital and mobile. And organizations must adapt to this digital transformation. In addition to the necessary regulatory changes. Marketing must be done with new strategic solutions. New products and new ways of communicating with them. In short. The sector has become aware that. Qatar phone number it must change customer relations. Understand trends and particularities . And use technology and specialized services to attract a new consumer. We had the opportunity to be among the first to test the different versions of the new infiniti q30 around cascais and the portuguese coast. After the international presentation in lisbon to the press last november.

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Q30our client infiniti wanted to involve its marketing and advertising partners by bringing us together to share a unique experience and learn first-hand about the compact vehicle that represents the brand’s first foray into this segment and. Not least.  Clearly developed for a segment of young. Qatar phone number urban customers who seek individuality. Since we started working with infiniti for the launch of the q50. At actionsdata we were clear that we shared with the brand the basic pillar on which modern marketing is based. And on which the great guru philip kotler developed his great principles that have become in dogmas.

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