Where those contents have almost nothing to do with the brand as well. As a result, the fans who come to the page themselves are not fans who want to consume the brand’s information at all, and may not be the brand’s target audience. At the same time, a brand’s wall page may be a wall page that does not provide brand information. Some of them may become a raffle page that finds anything to post to get attention. Become a type of content that is already shar there is no difference or brand identity.

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It turns out that the numbers for both likes and shares it’s a number that may look beautiful but is immiately hollow in terms of marketing value. If we look at the purpose of marketing the final goal would not be out of generating sales for products and services. Digital marketing also falls under this condition. If efforts in the online world, it cannot Changsha Phone Number lead to sales or other marketing values ​​such as brand awareness, loyalty customer, and such marketing strategies may be a wasteful strategy. For digital marketing like facebook page, there are many advantages in allowing marketers to see clear numbers and easily measure results from various numbers.

Changsha Phone Number List

More Likely To Be Interest

On the screen but the scary thing is that if we can’t solve the origin and true value of those numbers. It turns out that the smartest marketing looks. It will trick us to get lost and easily grab the water. The author writes up to here, it does not mean that he disagrees or disagrees with looking at the number of likes in any way. But it is necessary for us Aero Leads to analyze down to see the true value and value of such numbers. If marketers can’t analyze and point out, then such numbers may be wast numbers. Because we must not forget that facebook users can choose to hide the text of various pages. Yes, if they find it annoying. Or some may press unlike. Take it out at all.

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