The coolness of gol ads! From mcdonald’s, this would be about creating something. “Above expectations” and shows that football is not just on the field and limit to footballers. (which most world cup ads will go that way anyway) and besides, make cool content. In video form, mcdonald’s also releas an app for users to download and play with their products. This is a thought that makes sense as it connects and extends the story of the campaign even further. Share the knowlge! Campaignworld cup see more details follow the news via line at nuttaputch add friend previous article facebook ref – kamkarn from facebook receives.

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The world cup segment of one: future marketing concepts (or is it?) 07/14/2021 vlog as marketing becomes more and more clever, we see more and more new marketing concepts like segment of one coming into the process. Persoanlization that plays an increasingly important role in this era however, is it new? How is it different from traditional marketing? Let’s try to understand. Share the knowlge! Marketingpersonaliz marketingsegmentation see more Henan Phone Number details see what’s good with online advertising. Very basic for beginners) 04/30/2018 marketing techniques advertising in the old days was only possible for big companies. With money, money bag, bucket but nowadays, many people think people would advertise as if they were playing because facebook and google are open to everyone.

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Can advertise each other as normal now, many people will have questions when advertising what they should look at in order to evaluate whether what they are doing is working or not. Time to view various information what are you looking at? Of Aero Leads course, looking at information and measuring the results of advertising can be view from the most basic to the most advanc, which is probably a matter of experience and knowlge extension. But today’s blog would like to pick up the simple basics. Let’s write for those who are new to advertising.

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