Share the knowlge! Digital marketingokr see more details follow the news via line at nuttaputch add friend previous article skills are not digital but should hurry to reskill after covid-19 next article 3 problems that often arise with making real time content relat posts the main reason why many organizations are unable to adapt to the digital age (but many people overlook) 09/20/2014 3 “too” things digital marketers should be quit 07/19/2014 5 trends to watch for digital marketing in 2014 01 [line update 1 ] line marketing solution update 02/05/2019 the interviewupdates another platform for the thai market is line, a platform that has been us by more and more people continuously.

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An in many surveys it was found that digital people spend as much time on line as on other platforms. Because it has become an important communication tool for thai people. And because of this, line itself is an indispensable platform for marketing. How to Pakistan Phone Number use it to be effective and meet the nes of their strategic plans. I took the opportunity at the beginning of the year to sit down with khun norasit sithiwetwichit. Line’s commercial director, to update interesting topics and current tools. Available and summarize important matters come to this blog note: this interview was facilitat by line, but was not commission or benefit from the production of this article.

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Various interview issues this article was prepar by the author himself, and line public relations has assist in providing necessary additional information without being involv or influential in the writing of this article. Line – high engagement, high Aero Leads conversion for many people, line is a platform for chat, which is a memory that many people have with line, which is not strange because that is what we use line the most. But with that behavior, line has its strengths and plays a very important role in marketing.

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