From the moment we receive a resume until the final decision is made, we must be aware that behind each and every one of those PDFs, Words (and sometimes PowerPoints) with data and information, there is always a person with enthusiasm who He has his time. Our duty as Human Resources professionalsis to treat them as they deserve: with kindness , respect, And the same interest that they have shown in us. At GHC we have compil a guide with good practices that will serve to handle the delicate moment of rejecting candidates in a healthy, Positive and, Above all, humane way. We help you take care of your most important asset. PEOPLE How to notify candidates that they have been reject during the selection process? 1. Time is money: don’t wait too long You can see it on LinkIn, Or by talking to your friends.

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Surely more than one of them will have told you that they went to a job interview , or did the first telephone interview , and the offer was never heard from again. It’s sad, but not contacting candidates who weren’t select for the job is a more Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number common practice than we’d like among some HR professionals. , apart from being cruel and unfair, supposes an enormous waste of time for the applicants who could turn the page and focus their efforts on other positions for which they do have possibilities. Either by e-mail or by phone we prefer this second option.

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When an application does not go to the next phase, do not wait to tell them. Spe ​​in these cases is a virtue. You save waiting time and improve the candidate’s experience by offering an agile response that allows them to continue with their job search. 2. Give Aero Leads candidates direct and constructive feback When it comes to giving. Many recruiters opt for the Sandwich model to communicate to candidates that they have not been select. Something like. We think your profile is very interesting, but it doesn’t fit what we are currently looking for. Do not doubt that we will contact you if a position according to your characteristics arises.

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