The return on Marketing investments is 10% higher than those that do not use a Journey Map. 21.2% reduction in service costs vs –2.2%. Annual revenue from referrals from other clients is 18% , compared to 5% for those without a Customer Journey Map. Taking these data into account, if we apply this methodology in people management, we achieve greater profitability and better results: Improve commitment: Employees will be better aligned with the company’s goals. Boost motivation: If we know the aspirations of employees, we can give them the necessary tools to carry them out. Increases productivity : Satisfied workers make better use of the time they have available. Reduce turnover rate: Satisfied employees are less likely to want to go elsewhere. Cost reductio.

Examples of Daily Team Building

Due to the above, the costs of new contracts are reduced. Value the workforce: Creating the Employee Journey Map requires a lot of communication. Listening to employees makes them feel valued and creates a feeling of belonging. Brand List of US Mobile Phone Numbers Ambassadors: When people are happy with your company, they are more likely to recommend it. Thus, a positive brand image is projected that influences the purchasing decisions of new customers. Now that you have seen everything that an Employee Journey Map can bring to your company, you may have wanted to implement it in your company. But of course, if you are reading this page… it is because you may not be very clear about how to do it. Don’t worry, in the next few lines we will share with you how to developa.

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However on Some Occasions

Employee Journey Map so that you can use it to measure in your organization. hases of an Employee Journey Map As the name of the tool says, the experience of an employee who goes through a company is quite a journey. Do you remember the touchpoints Aero Leads we mentioned before? It is time to find out what they are and ask yourself, for each of them: What is the employee’s goal? How do you feel about it? What prevents you from reaching that goal? In broad strokes, we can define the phases or stages of this journey in 5.

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