Complete a deal. Request an exchange. Among other things. Being omnichannel has already become a competitive differentiator. After all. Providing convenience is one of the factors that make consumers more loyal. 3. Meet in a personalized way i don’t know about you. But when a brand calls me by name. I feel all special! When she offers exclusive conditions for me to buy my favorite products then… offering a benefits program is typical of a loyalty strategy. The problem is that this often has a short-term effect. Or if the program is too long.

Loyal Consumers Are More

The public ends up losing buy-in. Who has Estonia Phone Numbers never felt frustrated after shopping for years at the same pharmacy and still having only 3 reais to redeem? On the other hand. Promoting specific discounts and promotions according to the preferences of each customer is a way of constantly renewing their purchase intention. In addition to making sure he will continue to buy from you! 4. Listen to the consumer there is no point in applying satisfaction surveys and not committing to improve the points of attention indicated by the consumer. Remember that if he doesn’t feel confident. It will be much easier to leave your business.

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And it is precisely because you trust and believe that you can do better. That a buyer feels obliged to complain. Therefore. View negative feedback as a form of development. Prepare your entire team to make complaints a learning experience and handle it in the most polite way. It is worth saying that when you make a mistake with your client. You have an opportunity not only to correct. But also to surprise. Just look at the most beloved fintech. Nubank. And the way it fixes its users’ issues with good humor and effectiveness. 5. Act proactively don’t wait for a customer to complain about your product or service.

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Anticipate any adversity! One way to do this is to track your trajectory and identify moments of absence. Is he having problems with his solution? Did you switch brands? Have your needs changed? This type of proactive attitude. In addition to transmitting a feeling of comfort to the consumer. Can also generate new sales opportunities. And. As we said before. A person who is loyal to your brand will probably more easily accept buying from you. That is. It will not be necessary to invest efforts to convince her to opt for your business. 6. Attention after the sale obviously. Retaining customers requires a step more  over.

Even if your product or service is extraordinary. It’s the interactions with the audience that will set you apart from the competition. So. Let ‘s plan a positive experience. From start to finish ! Keep in touch with your consumer even after the purchase is complete. Keep sharing your news. Celebrating special dates and making yourself available for other contacts and budgets. But be careful with the frequency so you don’t seem inconvenient. Okay? 7. Arouse curiosity human beings are curious by nature. For that reason. He will always be around ‘unmissable’ promises.

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