Know when you plan to share your screen (hint: it should be as little as possible) Understand how the technology works and how to troubleshoot on the fly Anticipate potential Questions the client might ask (so you can address them before they get asked) It’s important to prepare by remembering everyone’s name in the meeting. It puts your buyer at the center of the meeting. Remember, it’s not about you, it’s about your buyers Sales pitches are a reservation. a dinosaur. In the pre-Internet era, salespeople had all the information and they were the conduits for that information to customers. Things have changed. Buyers these days are self-educating most of the time, so when they go to a sales meeting, they already have a fair amount of information.

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According to research by , customers actually talk to a salesperson less than 50% of the time they buy. At this point, they don’t need a pitch or much introduction. They need to have a real conversation about meeting their needs. Your presentation will continue to suck until you’re ready to do so. Want to further improve your sales calls? Join us for free monthly Greece Phone Number consulting sessions to work directly with s sales and marketing trainers. Wondering where to start? Why Trust Is the Real Currency of All Businesses Marketing Is Not as Complicated as You Think You’re Overspending on Marketing Here’s What I Know About the Epidemic of Half-hearted.

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