It is well known that companies need to know their target audience if they want to cultivate valuable relationships, so to achieve their sales goals, it is also necessary to do a good market segmentation. But how can segmentation be done? Why is it done? What are the benefits it grants? Is it the same for any sector of the market? How many types of segmentation are there and which one should you use? To answer all these questions, in this article we will tell you what the market segmentation process consists of, so that you can improve your marketing strategy and plan.

What is Market Segmentation?

Market segmentation is a process by which a large market is taken and divided into smaller groups. That is, segments—which share certain preferences, demographic, social, and psychological characteristics. Keep in mind that market Russian email address segments have these characteristics: The segment must be heterogeneous with respect to other segments, which means that they have differences with each other. The members of the segment have homogeneity since they share many characteristics with each other. They are quantitative, so segment data can be measured. They must be big enough, or else they would be niche markets.

What is Market Segmentation for?

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But for what purpose is it segmented? The objectives of a market segmentation strategy can be summarized in the following key points: Set more specific objectives and goals, allowing you to focus on what really matters. Find the right Aero Leads Audience for your product or service. Focus your efforts only on the target audience you have selected, without having to waste your budget. Find a market sector that is not covering or satisfying your competition. Create advertising campaigns —on social networks— that achieve the greatest amount of engagement and conversions, making the most of the allocated budget.

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