Despite having such a clear theory, in practice this is not being appli in 2020, almost a third of the employed Spanish population suffer symptoms relat to mental health problems. According to a recent study by InfoJobs , men (21%) and women (35%), especially the youngest – 44% of those affect by work-related psychological disorders are between 16 and 24 years old – have been forc to to stop their usual activity due to an increase in this type of symptomatology. This not only affects the psychological well-being of employees, it also harms their performance and productivity.

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The importance of Mental Health in organizations A staff that is not comfortable in their work seriously harms the business. When employees are Honduras WhatsApp Number overwhelmed, illnesses such as stress , burnout syndrome or depression appear that affect their potential and their professional development and, consequently, truncate the organization’s profitability. If we talk about numbers, mental health problems have an economic effect on European companies in the form of losses of more than 617 billion euros per year . Eye, billions with B. Specifically.

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This is what it costs European companies to have a workforce affect by depression, which is the second most common cause of sick leave (the first relat to mental health): absenteeism , 272 billion; lost productivity , 242 billion; public health , 63 billion; disability compensation , 39 billion. As if this were not enough, here are more reasons why taking care Aero Leads of the psychological well-being of employees should be a priority: In. Only 23% of companies have an action plan to treat the mental health of their employees. During the pandemic, 67% of employees have seen their stress levels increase. 45 % of employees believe that their company does not use all the resources at its disposal to promote good practices. A healthy workforce is a healthy company.

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