Bases, just as the empirical evidence has not been proven, or is of dubious quality. . Without going into the swampy terrain of debating whether dynamic psychology and psychoanalysis is a pseudoscience or a philosophical current, it is true that projective techniques entail a series of disadvantages that are worth mentioning. The most important is that of the subjectivity of the person who evaluates them . Despite the fact that specific training in psychology is required and Despite the fact that we are in 2021 and much progress has been made in gender issues in the workplace, the wage gap continues to be one of the main issues of dispute between men and women and is the reason why many companies dedicate their resources to conducting studies. Internal remuneration and equality plans.

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But does the pay gap really exist ? In this article we are going to clarify what this concept means, we will see official data, we will explore what its possible causes are and how we can combat it for a more egalitarian labor reality. Let ‘s start ! We help you Kuwait WhatsApp Number take care of your most important asset: PEOPLE! What you will find in this article : what is the gender wage gap? How is it calculat? Does the pay gap really exist? Causative factors How to combat the gender pay gap conclusion. what is the gender wage gap? The concept of gender wage gap basically refers to the difference in wages receiv by men compar to that of women when carrying out their work function.

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However, not all differences mark a gap. For this to be present, data from male and female employees of the same rank, position and area of ​​activity must be Aero Leads compar . That is to say, that men and women perform work of the same value and under the same conditions and even so, there is a difference between the gross salary receiv, being that of men greater than that of women. How is it calculated.

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