Business intelligence and big data. Service development and network operations. Bouvard is a telecommunications engineer from the university of vigo. We will know that its main objective is to ensure that the results of the processes are within the requirements and expectations of the client. Thus reducing failures or variations in the final delivery of these processes. It is about eliminating the following waste: defects. Overproduction. You wait. Unemployed talent. Latvia phone number Transportation not necessary. Inventory. In conclusion, Unnecessary mobility. Etc. For a process to be lean six sigma. The delivery failures resulting from a process must be a maximum of 3.4 dmpo (acronym for defects per million opportunities). This allows processes to be classified according to their quality level.

Or dpmo level Latvia phone number Assigning a variable sigma level between zero and six. Depending on the defects obtained. The 9 main tools of lean six sigma: lean six sigma tools dmaic: acronym formed by the acronym in english. And each of them corresponds to the following steps or stages that must be considered to implement this methodology. In conclusion, define (define): first of all. It is important to carry out a correct determination of the processes that are going to be evaluated. – measure (measure): immediately after is the phase of measuring and recording the maximum possible data to evaluate the effectiveness of the processes. In conclusion, analyze (analyse): thirdly. The detailed study of the statistics of the previous stage to know the status of the processes and draw different conclusions.

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This phase involves the implementation of the processes obtained according to the analysis stage. Latvia phone number control (control): and finally. The careful examination or observation that serves to check or verify the new processes. These are the key stages to understand and solve a problem. In conclusion, The implementation of this procedure. And its continued use over time. Will help reduce and eliminate all the causes that generate variability or failures in a process. Process capability index or process capability analysis (pca). In conclusion, it corresponds to the statistical analysis that evaluates the results of a process at the performance level. And as we have explained before. It can be in a range from zero to six. Depending on the failures obtained.

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Statistical process control or control charts (spc). In conclusion, this tool is used to prepare control charts that reflect the enhanced capabilities of the process. Ishikawa diagram (fishbone diagram): it is the tool used to analyze the causes that originate a problem. In the same way as for the dmaic process. Latvia phone number The continued use of this tool allows an improvement in the variability or failures of the processes. It was created in 1943 by the japanese chemist kaoru ishikawa. From whom it receives its name. Also known as fishbone or fishbone diagram due to. In conclusion, the shape that the graph ends up having.

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So one reason will lead to another. In conclusion, Getting to the root of the problem. Eliminating all those details that are not relevant throughout the process. The last of the whys gives the answer to the problem. Regression analysis: the mathematical equivalent of the scatter diagram. Latvia phone number In regression analysis. One of the variables on one or more of them. Voice of the customer (voc): interviews. Focus groups. Very similar to the skeleton of a fish. Also called cause-effect diagram. In conclusion, why or 5 whys: it is a very simple tool. You just have to ask the question why? To an achievement of actions.

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