These are more relat to how the worker perceives his work. It should be not that both factors are not mutually exclusive and, in fact, it is normal for them to influence each other. That being said, these are the factors you should pay attention to if you want to identify a potential risk early: Excessive demands. Excessive and uncontrolled workloads, responsibilities that exceed the employee’s or exposure to physical risks. Lack of autonomy . Having little decision-making power over the way in which one’s own work is carried out. Inadequate support.

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Not being supported by management or colleagues. Poor relationships . These types of relationships imply submission to unacceptable behaviors, such as harassment or both physical and verbal violence. Lack of clarity in roles . Confused or poorly defined Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number demands and responsibilities. Poor change management . Failing to inform or involve employees in change processes. Violence . Threats, coercion, harassment, humiliation, etc… Eh, you forgot to put stress as the main risk. Good observation. But it turns out that no, I have not forgotten. And it is that stress is not a risk, but a consequenc Consequences of psychosocial risks For employees.

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The Basic Concepts

Many managers believe that challenging employees is a good way to keep their motivation on fire . And, in fact, it is true. But you must also take into account the capabilities of the collaborators and not demand more than they can give. When an employee faces a Aero Leads challenge that they cannot overcome, the consequences of psychosocial risks begin to become visible, such as stress . Prolonged periods of stress favor the development of very serious problems: Mental : anxiety, depression, burnout… Physical : cardiovascular, respiratory, musculoskeletal problems… Emotional : irritability, discouragement, tendency to introversion, fatigue.

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