You will need: A white background (cardboard, cloth, a screen, etc.). You can also use colors that contrast with your product, but remember that some marketplaces only allow white backgrounds. Natural light without direct sunlight, or some basic warm lighting. Something to act as a base for the product to sit atop. A smartphone or fixed camera on a tripod. Place the product on the base and take photos as you rotate the product slightly. Next, to turn all those images into a 360º collage, you will need a program or an app like.

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Panorama 360 or Sirv, which bring together all your files to automatically generate the result. These 360º photos are usually in responsive format and can easily be embedded in any pages you want, as well as being shared over other channels like social Denmark Phone Number networks. Interactive 360 product image 360º picture of a trainer shoe. Author: Martini Studio Have a professional take your 360º product photos These services guarantee you the best image quality and they save you the entire work process. You normally send the products to.

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The professional’s studio. The professionals will take the photos of the products with specialized 360º equipment and they will return the products to you. As they have more knowledge about photos, they can get really great results like shading effects in the Aero Leads interior of the product and on its surface, allowing the products to seem to float in the air. → Photos for ecommerce: Everything you need to know for them to stand out. 360º photos, videos, or 3D models: Which is better? At this point, we must clarify a common fallacy: 360º photography is not the same as 3D modeling. If you see one with the other, they may seem similar, but the creative process and their applications are different.

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