Meanwhile, cnet tells facebook. There is an assertion that marketers will continue to see organic reach decline. In the past, organic reach was about 16%, but nowadays it has dropp dramatically. In fact, although we would be annoy and confus by such matters. But on one side, we have to admit that facebook is not design to be us by businesses for free forever. Facebook itself also nes to earn money to make its own business survive. Finding ads by forcing business owners to invest more money is indirectly necessary. (otherwise shareholders would probably be yelling at mark zuckeberg.) what we should know from this it’s time to reconsider your facebook marketing budget.

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Get ready to understand the kpis that are often said to want 10% of talking about this. (if you only reach 1% of your fans, it’s almost impossible for you to have 10% engagement without ads. Help) making facebook is no longer “Cheap”. Share the knowlge! Facebookreachruce see more details follow the news via line at nuttaputch add friends previous article South Korea Phone Number content marketing complete with periodic table from econsultancy next article walmart releases heartfelt video “Work is a beautiful thing” relat posts facebook and instagram updates of thai people with the beauty industry 02242018 facebook adds a comment system in the comments (again) 11092012 why a short post on facebook? 04062013 is creating a facebook page really creating a community.

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