That is why it is so easy to connect with people through this type of narrative, because they are analogies that we can extrapolate to our daily experiences. Elements of storytelling for leadership As team leaders, we want our collaborators to be motivat and inspir to always give their best. Storytelling is a facilitator of this objective, and within the corporate sphere there are a series of basic elements that must be taken into account to build an effective narrative that has a positive impact on employees. According to Paul Smith , author of ” Lead with a.

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Story These key components of leadership storytelling are. It is necessary to establish a starting point that allows our interlocutors. To understand the entire message. Use of metaphors. Well-us metaphors and analogies increase. The effect of this tool and allow the team to feel identifi. With the story being told. Emotionality . The storyust hit the emotions of the audience so as not to leave them indifferent and thus encourage them fax list to act. concretion . The best stories have precise and specific narration. Going around the bush risks losing the importance and focus of the message. Wow factor. Introducing surprising elements, such as humor, strengthen the speech and help maintain the interest of the public. brevity . Numerous advertising studies have shown that our attention span is only a few seconds.

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So it’s best to keep your speeches short but punchy. it is the importance of knowing how to develop in a digital and technological environment . How many companies have been forced to close for not having known how to add to the digital transformation ? Given the current circumstances and those to come.  identification and learning. Storytelling is a powerful leadership Aero Leads tool that, when us properly, is capable of transforming the way talent is manag, inspiring teams to take action proactively.

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