Every month, GHC employees receive a pulse survey that takes less than three minutes to complete, in which they answer questions about the main dimensions that affect employee satisfaction and engagement, factors that we know are directly related to the desire to go to work . Thanks to these surveys, we can know what we are doing well and promote it; and also what are our areas for improvement and being able to directly influence them without wasting time . With this, we cannot guarantee that there will be a 0 absenteeism rate, but we are certain that we are doing everything possible to ensure that it is so, minimizing the corporate factors that cause people to be absent from their jobs . Well, now that we are clear about what the triggering factors are, how do we remedy them.

How to manage a Diverse

Let’s go for the solutions (which we know is what you are looking for . Tips to reduce work absenteeism Ok, before the causes of individual character we cannot Australia WhatsApp Number do much. But we can act before corporate factors. If you want to reduce the chances of absenteeism appearing in your company, follow these tips: Motivate employees. And by motivation we do not mean telling them that they must earn their salary at the end of the month, that this seems more like a threat. We refer to offering a type of intrinsic motivation , which implies that employees motivate themselves.

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Inclusive company effectively in 8 steps

The autonomy to take responsibility for their own tasks, continuous learning , and making it clear to them what their role is within the organization are a good way to sow this type of motivation. Value them as they deserve . Once again, we are talking about a Aero Leads concept that goes beyond salary. Public recognition and positive feedback from direct managers are essential for employees to feel that their efforts are worthwhile. Knowing that they are part of the company and are a fundamental piece improves commitment and satisfaction, which reduces absences and presenteeism. Create a safe workspace . It is logical, if employees can work in a free, clean and orderly space.

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