Attraction and evaluation The first point of contact of an employee with his company is, Logically, When he discovers it. When he is looking for a job and comes across the ad. Here we can include the interactions carri out through the website and RRSS, as well as the sending of the CV and the selection process. Some Human Resources professionals do not incorporate this phase in the mapping, And consider that the employee’s experience should only be includ when it is official.  When he is already part of the company. At GHC we do not share that statement. The selection process is extremely important . It is the first contact and the first impression that a company leaves on a person. If this part is not taken care of, What to expect when you are inside onboarding.

That is Not Enough

Once the person has been hir, the next thing is to integrate them into the work dynamics. Did you know that 43% of newly hired employees don’t have the right tools to do their job for a week? At this stage, employees want to get to know the company List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers in depth and understand what their role and objectives will be. We must pay attention to how we do the reception interview , how we present ourselves to the rest of the colleagues and departments, how we show them their new tools and workspace, etc. Performance and Recognition During this phase, team members want to meet the objectives set, contribute to the success of the company and, of course, receive recognition for it.

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 Efficiency and Productivity

What aspects can we evaluate at this stage? Leadership, performance management, rewards and salary, etc. Increase During this part of the professional cycle, employees want to grow and meet their professional and personal expectations. That is, they Aero Leads seek satisfaction in their work. This stage includes elements such as: learning, mentoring, coaching, promotion opportunities or succession plans. Exit Ultimately, the goal of employees at this point is to leave the company. Whether voluntarily or involuntarily, it is a part of the natural work process that must be carried out with maximum ease. Here we highlight how the termination strategy and the exit interview are carried out.

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