What is likely to be a starting point is the question of whether 3 seconds on facebook are different from 30 seconds on television. What they present is not a measure of “duration”, but whether the human brain can remember details. What marketers ne to understand is that marketing theories tend to try to understand that the human way of thinking is linear, but in reality the human brain and memory are not. (wavy condition) and the more we enter the era where the human concentration is now shorter than before. That means remembering the details in a 15 second / 30 second commercial is different.

The Problem Is That Today People

The speaker makes it clear that measurement. Is not a judgment on ad recall. Because just because he remembers the ad might not necessarily. Mean he remembers the brand. For this reason. Marketers should focus more on expereince, which generates Japan Phone Number memories. Than on exposure (which measures just reach and frequency). The new era of fan experience this topic is also interesting as it is becoming increasingly apparent that the future of marketing will not be the type of advertising we are us to. (category of commercials) but is a matter of creating experience. It’s part of the customer’s life.

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Are Not Linear Anymore It Becomes

Which is something that the previous tv could not do. With today’s digital technology, we are able to create new experiences. To customers, which allows them to spend “times” and “memories” with the brand rather than just seeing traditional advertisements. The key point that the speaker emphasizes at the end is that marketers must try to use Aero Leads technology to take their marketing experience beyond the tv screen. Which cannot create a customer experience share the knowlge! Advertisingadvertising weekdigital marketing see more details follow the news via line at nuttaputch add friends previous article things to be aware of when creating video content on facebook.

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