Collaborator will not be able to attend work during a specific period of time – a day or a few hours-, this warns of his absence. Going to the dentist, meeting your children’s teachers or making a move fall into this category. 2. Unexcused Absenteeism It represents the opposite case to the previous one. Here we are talking about the absences that have no justification and are not notified either . Oversleeping and arriving late, leaving early because yes or not showing up at the office and not showing signs of life are examples of unjustified absenteeism. 3. In-person absenteeism In-person absenteeism is better known as “ presenteeism ”. This occurs when an employee, while present at his work, does not do what he should be doing: work. Let’s see, having a coffee, chatting with colleagues or going to the bathroom is normal.

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But, constantly looking at Instagram, talking to your partner on the company phone or playing Candy Crush… that ‘s not so normal. 4. Emotional Absenteeism The last category means “mental” absence . It occurs when, having gone to their workplace Algeria WhatsApp Number and performing the functions for which the person was hired, they are done with a total lack of interest. There is no commitment, there is no motivation… these are employees who put the “automatic pilot”, usually at the lowest level, with which their performance and performance is usually below expectations.

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This situation is especially worrying, since the company has part of the responsibility for not knowing how to transmit the values, the mission and the mission of the company, with which there is no engagement and the employees end up disconnected from Aero Leads the objectives of the organization. Here we might think, is absenteeism always the fault of the workers? If you’re a 19th century manager who’d rather be living in the midst of the Industrial Revolution, you might think so. But the truth is that the appearance of absenteeism is a combination of a duo of factFactors that facilitate the appearance of work absenteeism.

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