While brands themselves have to rely on the mia because reaching a large group of people means an opportunity to increase your sales By the way, in the past, it would work quite a bit if there was a tvc movie releas or when there was a double page advertisement in the newspaper. Sales will come immiately. If analyz deeply, one of the reasons why this model is effective is because consumers are in the limitation of access to various information. As well as alternatives to goods and products that makes when new products are releas in the market and can create a wide awareness.

To Find Out More Until Intending

It would not be strange that there are many people who choose to use or try the product. As a result, the mia buying model focuses on the efficiency of reach & frequency generation, and the values ​​that many people keep in mind are grp / cprp (for tv) and reach / cpm (for online). Easy to say is to find the cost of “Access” that’s it. However, what modern marketers began to Mexico phone number question the situation as to why the old method is becoming less and less effective. Why is the shooting of commercials and movies not getting the same amount as before? Why buying a lot of reach is not as effective as expect as well.

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To Buy But Still Not Buying

The person who became the first defendant probably not out of the creative thinking agency that some will say “The movie doesn’t hit” or “The work doesn’t wow” something like that. It’s true that creative work is still effective. But the mia purchase itself must be said to play a part as well. In this regard, we will see that many instead of focusing on just Aero Leads as in the past, qualitative dimensions such as the quality score were add. When talking about quality score, if it’s easy to explain. Is to include the parameters of mia efficiency into the measurement equation, which many call this model rcq – reach cost quality, which is calculat by dividing the number of reach by the cost.

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