The layout must be neat and hierarchical to allow readers to find their way around in the middle of this data The visual must be of excellent quality with a clear and well framed image. It is important to watch out for too pronounced contrasts which can damage the readability of the title and the name of the author; – The title of the book and the name of its author must be legible; – If your book comes out in digital format, the title and the name of the author must be clearly visible, legible and highlighted. Unlike a paper book that can be taken in hand, the digital book cannot be studied from every angle. The most important elements must therefore be highlighted. Important information perfectly legible Here we are going to talk about the title.

Choose the information that will jump out at the readers

The one that will grab their attention. Do not write the title of your book and the author’s name in the same way (same size, same color, etc.). For example , for well-known writers, it is generally their name that is written in large letters (such as Guillaume, Donato Carrisi, Katherine or even Maxime. Otherwise, it is wise to focus on the title of your book. Your Ghost Mannequin Effect author’s name can be written smaller above or below the title, for example, so that it is visible to readers. Your image as a writer and your notoriety will begin to build around this. Then, the typeface chosen must be perfectly visible and legible. Even if you choose an original and wacky typography such as Script or Handwritten, the latter must be readable by all.

Make sure everything works well together

Ghost Mannequin Effect

Hesitate to experiment on different media such as flyers, bookmarks, on your website, on a leaflet, etc. A meaningful visual corresponding to your type of readers To design an effective and relevant front cover, it is already interesting to know what type of readers Aero Leads you want to target. The cover should “speak” to them. To do this, you have to start by identifying your clientele : are they mostly women? Men ? Science fiction fans? Lovers of detective novels? Should your cover be serious, wacky, touching? Then, you have to dwell on your literary style. Is your book a detective story, a science fiction type story, an adventure novel, teenage literature or a documentary? Each literary style has its own codes that allow readers to spot them at a glance. These codes will initially allow you to attract your readers.

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