In each organization, The use of performance evaluation tools must be adapt to its situation and context.An Employee Journey Map. Or Employee Journey Map, is a very effective tool that allows us to understand what motivates our team and how they feel performing their work at each stage of their passage through the organization. This knowlge of why people do what we do helps us improve the employee experience and make it attractive, not only to retain talent, but also to attract it. Without a doubt, it is an essential resource for all those companies that want to boost their employer brand image. At GHC, we share with you everything you ne to know so that you can implement this resource in your company and take “People” management to the next level.

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Let’s start! What you will find in this article : From Customer Journey Bad to Employee Journey Map Objectives of the Employee Journey Map Advantages for companies Phases of an Employee Journey Map Designing the Employee Journey Shandong Mobile Phone Number List Map From the Customer Journey Map to the Employee Journey Map In previous articles we have already seen how the Human Resources department has appropriat many of the Marketing tools, adapting them to the functions of this area. The Employee Journey Map is another of these cases.

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Does the Customer Journey Map ring a bell ? It is a tool that Marketing and Sales professionals have been using for years. It is a tool that allows to identify and evaluate the degree of satisfaction that customers have in each interaction that they have with the brand. These interactions are called touchpoints . That is, contact points. If you know what the customer experience is like at each of these contact points, you will be able to design and Aero Leads carry out actions that keep their satisfaction at high levels . What is achieved with that? Happier customers and, therefore, more loyal and more likely to buy your products. In Human Resources we put a sharp eye on this technique and said… “hey, why can’t we do the same with employees?” nd this is how the Employee Journey Map arises.

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