Content marketing has become one of those hot trends in the marketing world and one that companies and brands are seeing with better eyes. There are several reasons for this interest. It has been added that what they were doing until now has stopped working with the positive reception that these contents have among consumers with the highly encouraging conclusions of the studies that have been done on the subject. Brands and companies have begun to understand the value of content and have launched into it, in a frenzy in which they often forget crucial aspects that have a definitive impact to be (or not) successful in the world of marketing. of contents.

From the outset, many companies forget that content marketing is not spam. They confuse the new format (or not so new, after all, if one sits down to analyze what has always been done by companies, one can find examples that UK Phone Number List seem ‘ancestors’ of modern content marketing) with the classic infomercial and they don’t understand that, when it comes to doing it, they shouldn’t just sing their own praises. Or what is the same: good content marketing is something that contributes something to the reader, it is information and it is added value.

On the other hand, the work it takes to create quality content is also often underestimated. As is often the case when something requires writing work, it is often taken for granted that anyone can do it. If you know how to write, you will know how to do these contents, or that seems to be the basic idea. It’s a mistake. Not just anyone is good at doing content marketing: you need someone who knows how to write, who knows how to do it well and who also knows what he is writing about. And finally, a decisive point when it comes to content marketing is often forgotten. It is not only important to have good content, it is also crucial that consumers find it. There is no use doing great content marketing if no one is reading it later.

It is not a question of magic
The problem is not only something that affects brands and companies in their marketing strategy, but it is something quite general to all those who are using content to position themselves in the market. You just have to look at what Facebook and Twitter are doing, which have in recent times strongly opted for original content to reach consumers. They are closing million-dollar deals but, as one expert wonders in an marketer analysis , are those consumers who want them or should they want to find them?

As the expert points out, Reebok’s head of global communication strategy, David Kosmin, brands and companies are oversimplifying the problem of reaching consumers. “Marketers sometimes oversimplify the value of a channel,” he notes. They take for granted that by having the content and publishing it, consumers will find it . You just have to put the right content on the right platform and the magic will be done. However, the question is not so easy.

For example, says the expert, Facebook is currently trying to find niche consumers to offer the exact content they want to see and target them. But the consumer not only wants to receive content, they also want to find it actively. And that’s where you may run into a problem.

Companies must therefore understand not only how the content should be but also how it should be distributed. There are not a few who are increasingly talking about what companies should start to think, in terms of content marketing, like the media. Perhaps there is the key to solve this problem.

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